Academy Schools

Converting a school to academy status brings a range of financial challenges – and we provide all the expert help and advice you need.

You will Receive More but Invest Less

What is Academy Audit Plus?

At Pitt Godden and Taylor LLP we appreciate the need for Hands On Support and Advice. We also recognise that when deciding who to appoint, experience and knowledge is key.

We have designed AA+ to help us work with Academy Schools to maximise the impact of the money they spend during each academic year on Professional Auditing and Accounting Services.

AA+ comprises:

  • Our dedicated Academy School Team will work with you to meet the following regulatory requirements:
    • Preparation of Financial Statements in full statutory format.
    • Audit of the Financial Statements together with assisting the Management and Governors in preparing the Trustees Report.
    • Audit grants made by the DfE and provide certification of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TR17A) Annual Return.
  • We will attend all necessary meetings to show, explain and seek approval of the Financial Statements and Returns prior to their submission to the appropriate Authorities.
  • Support services:
    • Our Support isn’t limited to Annual Audit and Tax Compliance. It is our aim to provide a locally based responsive service throughout the academic year that meets your needs
    • An ongoing source of Technical Support/Advice for the Finance Director/Business Manager/Head Teacher/Chair of Governors.
  • A Business Advisory and General Taxation Advisory Service for the period of our engagement to include:
    • Unlimited meetings to discuss Business Matters, Taxation Matters, Finance Matters and any other topics at your discretion.
    • Unlimited telephone support regarding Accounting, Taxation and Other Finance Matters.

AA+ can be extended to include:

  • Help with the establishment of sound financial processes to provide the Management Team and Governors
  • with Financial Assurance.
  • Assistance when needed with Management Accounting, Budgeting, Payroll, PAYE & VAT Compliance
  • A full Payroll Service
  • Training and Support for your Finance Team with regard to the operation of your Accounting System
  • Financial Management in accordance with the DfE Guideline
  • Funding Support
  • Long term financial planning to include Project Related Matters.
  • Specific Ongoing Tax Advice (including VAT).
  • Consideration of Trading Subsidiaries and the development of Commercial Activities.

How it distinguishes itself:

  • It is a Partner Led, Local Service involving two Partners who have direct experience working with Academy Schools.
  • The Partners are supported by a Team of Professional Accountants experienced in working with Independent Schools and the Not For Profit Sector.

As appropriate, wherever and whenever possible we will "come to you" to discuss and resolve any issues that you refer to us or we bring to your attention. In this way we hope to quickly build good, strong and enduring relationships with you.

  • It is founded on Competitive Charges based on Fixed Price Agreements over Three Year Cycles at your discretion to ensure No Surprises.
  • It is underwritten by a genuine No Quibble Service Guarantee entirely at your discretion.

Essentially AA+ is a service to be delivered without resorting to jargon and without the need for either party to need to be "watching the clock".

AA+ is just the start of our relationship with you…

At Pitt Godden and Taylor LLP, we believe that we are a part of the community in which we operate rather than being apart from it.

We are a commercially driven organisation, but we believe we have a responsibility to support the work of others in the "Not For Profit Sector" of the community which we serve.

We do this by:

  • Firstly, seeking only an appropriate and sustainable amount of work in this sector,
  • Secondly, pricing the investment that our clients in the sector make in our services to ensure that they always perceive Best Value for the money they spend, and
  • Thirdly, setting asides and returning a portion of that price to them in support of their Aims and Objectives.

In order that we can sustain the level of service we believe our clients deserve, we are only able to offer AA+ to a select number of Academy Schools within our locality. It is by limiting the number of local schools we are offering this opportunity to, that we can guarantee this level of service.

For more information on Academy Audit Plus please download this helpful brochure.

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